A water park ride in your own backyard?
Thanks to our Zoom Flume water delivery system and our generous tubing, our slides deliver a turbo-charged ride so you and your family can rocket down our slides hydroplane style.


Safety Built In
Safety is our top priority. We want you and your family to have fun in the water secure in the knowledge that you are using a product with cutting edge safety features.

That’s why all our slides boast a range of safety design features, including:

  • Deep U-shaped ‘flume’ that holds you and your children comfortably and securely in the slide
  • Fully moulded steps and deep trends mean no slip through as you and the kids use the ladder
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant supports, installations and tubing

Durability You Can Rely On
We want you and your family to have years of hassle free fun on our slides, and for this reason we have designed our slides to be durable and low maintenance.

For example, we make our slides with acrylic rather than fibreglass and all come with UV protection so they will last longer and while they will fade a little, will not whither under the Australian sun like some other products out there.

Contact us today to find our how you can get a little bit of the water park into your backyard.
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