Diving and water are pretty near inseparable. Few things are more enjoyable than the rush of water and speed as you launch yourself from the side of the pool and your body lances through the water.

Adding a diving board makes this even more fun and thrilling. We offer an extensive range of passive and active diving boards so you can add a little more excitement to your diving experience.

We have a range of styles too so you can find the board that offers both extra fun to your day at the pool and fits snugly into your pool décor.

Active or Passive Diving Boards – What’s the Difference?
A major element of installing your pool diving board is selecting either an active or a passive diving base to accompany your pool diving board.

An Active diving board means the spring comes from the base of the board. This leads to a more pronounced spring compared to a passive board.

In a Passive diving board the spring comes from the board itself, as a consequence the spring is less pronounced.

If you are not sure, we are happy to help you decide which is best for you.

Pool Doesn’t Meet the Minimum Depth? Try a Slide.
Some pools may be too shallow to allow you to safely install a diving board. If so, a water slide is a great alternative, you can find out more about the range of water slides we offer here:  Water Slides

Always check with your council regulations and ensure your pool complies before installing a diving board.
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